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Successfully managing a rental property takes a lot of time, work, experience, and knowledge. We'll spare you the time, energy, and frustration needed to acquire that knowledge.

Our company is a full circle Real Estate Brokerage Firm. We serve first time home buyers and sellers, investors, distressed properties by short selling in record time, as well as listing rentals and property management. By choosing our lease + Property Management service, we will find you the best possible tenant, handle all of the arrangements prior to move in and start to manage your property the day the lease starts. You can just sit back and collect your money.

How much rent can you get for your investment?

Our market analysis assists landlords and us in making data-driven decisions regarding their rental property, including rate predictions and other information that allows them to invest and manage their investment property more effectively.


Maximize the Rental Value of Your Property


Gain Critical Understanding of Current Market Conditions


Calculate Your Cashflow Based on Monthly Rental Value

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As your Atlanta Property Manager


Marketing is essential for a successful rental. In order to maximize your return on investment, McCoy Realty Group conducts an extensive market analysis on each property we manage. We also include yard signs and directional signs, rental applications, and preparing lease agreements.


We thoroughly screen all tenants and handle everything from relocating your qualified tenant to collecting rent and managing maintenance issues. This includes checking their credit report, criminal background, prior evictions, rental history, and income and employment verification.


When your tenant pays, we make sure you get paid. We insist on timely rent payments from tenants and we act promptly when rent is not paid.


We provide move-in and move-out inspections that include documentation of the property's state and ensure that all maintenance issues are resolved in a timely way. Homeowner must maintain at least $500 at all times in their respected vendor accounts. Our vendors can handle most repairs and they are done within 24 hours. Maintenance account will be set up for repairs and units are inspected twice annually.


It's never been easier to keep track of your investment with our thorough financial reporting tools. Log in to your owner portal to view statements and keep track of how your investment is doing.


If a tenant needs to be evicted from your rental, we will handle the filing and post-eviction processes, safeguarding your investment from protracted vacancies.


Our Lease only service means that we will help you find a tenant ASAP! Money flows out of your pocket each day that your property is vacant. By choosing our lease only service, we will find you qualified tenants. Once your property is rent ready, we will advertise and find a qualified tenant within 7-14 days (on avg.), answer any inquiries promptly and professionally, schedule showings with licensed Realtor, screen and qualify prospective tenants, prepare a lease, arrange for signatures and move in the tenant.


When McCoy Realty Group is hired to restore a unit prior to placing it on the market such as; hiring and scheduling contractors to complete repairs, ordering materials for the job, supervision, and pay vendors. There will be a 15% Project management fee assessed on renovation projects per unit.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This company came through at a time when I had begun to give up hope that I would find a company that would provide the services that I would need for my multiple properties, but McCoy Realty showed me that sweat-less victories still exist.

I started first with property management. Which took an absolute LOAD off of me. Being able to take tenant concerns, complaints, needs off my plate was a GIFT that this company will never be able to understand how grateful I was to receive.

The entire team hit the ground running with changing their efforts from property management to ensuring that my homes, and my lot were all put up for sale at a profitable price point in line with the beautiful sellers’ market that Atlanta continues to have.

McCoy Realty put my home on display for potential buyers, helped me fully understand the process with answers to my numerous questions, and made good on their promise of successful closings that satisfied my wallet.

All my properties have always been handled so very well with McCoy Realty working behind the scenes on my behalf.” - B.T.

“McCoy Realty Group is trusted in handling properties. Ultimately professional and expert in real estate.” - S.G.

“I have been with McCoy Realty seven years plus. I have known them to be very reliable, trustworthy, and honest in taking care of my property, keeping me updated on everything concerning my property. I highly recommend McCoy Realty Group to anyone possible!” - D.R.

“McCoy Realty Group was excellent in helping me manage my properties. I highly recommend them for any of your real estate needs.” - K.

“I have been a long-time property owner in the Douglasville area and have used McCoy Realty Group for my property management needs. Having used other property management companies in the past, I know that quality of service can vary greatly from one place to the next. I have been very pleased with their professionalism, attitude, and exceptional service. McCoy Realty Group is no nonsense peace of mind one of the best management companies.” - D.T.

“McCoy Realty is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for someone to manage their properties.” - D.Y.J

“McCoy Realty Group checks properties regularly and performs routine preventive maintenance. I never have to worry about things like changing furnace and A/C filters or cleaning the gutters. McCoy realty has a number of service and repair vendors so any issue is addressed promptly. Each month I receive a statement with copies of invoices so I get a clear picture of what is happening with my property. If ever I have a question, I know that I can email or call to get my answer. The management team has a very professional attitude and has provided me with exceptional service. They are also very good with keeping an excellent relationship with tenants.” - B.H.

Atlanta Property Management

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